30 Day Painting Challenge Sept 2016

The challenge is not about finishing 30 gallery quality "perfect" paintings. It's about getting in to the studio to try new things. It's about painting more often. It's about having fun and developing new habits! 

Historically I have never been very good a finishing these type of challenges, but here's hoping.

Day 1
Fresh Geraniums
Oil on Canvas 8"x 10"

Day 2
Sweet Temptations
Oil on Canvas 8"x 10"

Day 3
A New Home
Oil on Canvas 8"x 8"
Day 4
A Wee Coo
Mixed Media on Canvas 8"x 8"
Day 5
Chicken Run
Oil on Canvas 25cm x 50cm
Day 6
Holding On
 Oil on Canvas 20cm x 25cm
Day 7
Young Wisdon
Oil on Canvas 8" x 8"

Day 8
Eggsciting Eggs
Oil on Canvas 5" x 7"

Day 9
Aeryn Laughing
Acrylic on Canvas Pop Art Style
50cm x 50cm

Day 10
Hat and Stick
Oil on Canvas 10" x 14"
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Day 11
Oil on Canvas 18" x 18"

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Day 12
The Landing
Oil on Canvas 8"x8"

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Day 13
Goodbye Wave
Oil on Canvas 35cm x 25cm

Day 14
Starling's Sunday Breakfast
Oil on Canvas 8"x8"

Day 15
Namaqualand Landscape
Acrylic On Canvas 14" x 10"

Day 16
Edge of the World
Ink on Board
Day 17
Road to Clarens
Oil on Canvas, 20 x 25cm

Day 18
Pen & Ink on Paper 20cm x 30cm
Day 19
Acrylic on Canvas 50cm x 50cm

Day 20
Male Portrait
Ol on Canvas 8"x10"

Day 21
Smell the Roses
Oil on Canvas 20cm x 25cm

Day 22
Spring Blossoms
Oil on Canvas 9" x 12"
Day 23
Secretary Bird (with attitude)
Oil on Canvas 8" x 8"

Day 24
Tweet Tweet
Mixed Media on Canvas 8"x8"
Day 24
Just Surfing
Oil on Canvas 20cm x 30cm

Day 25
Acrylic on Canvas 25cm x 35cm

Day 26
Charcoal and Oil on Canvas 24" x 24"

Day 27
Sunny Lemons
Oil on Canvas 8"x8"
Day 28
Looking to the Stars
Oil on Canvas 20cm x 30cm


  1. So many to comment on, but particularly taken by Aeryn Laughing, your bird paintings, Goodbye Wave!

  2. Man, did you capture that intense gaze! Wow!

  3. Wonderful work here! Almost finished now :)